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This page was created to show some information and stats about my site Portafolio.com. It's a ONE WORD .com!

Portafolio is a spanish word, and has the same meaning as "Portfolio" in english. It is heavily used in the financial and arts worlds.

18 Years Aged
206,250 Exact Match Searches/mo [portafolio]
687,500 Broad Match Searches/mo portafolio
19,100,000 Google Search Results
Pronounceable .com catchy dictionary word
16,000+ Unique Visitors/mo (average)
60,000+ pageviews/mo (average)

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Here is a domain name that words cannot put a real value to. Pronounceable ONE WORD .com’s are the most sought after investment in the entire world wide web. They are essentially priceless. The future will bring a flood of new domains into the market and as the years pass, these short, pronounceable .com’s will exponentially grow in value with no limits.

This domain presents a very unique opportunity. This one DICTIONARY word will prove himself quite dramatically. ... the list goes on and on.

Highest bidder will own this impressive piece of digital real estate!

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My real business are the natural products market. Being a vegan for more than 25 years, I like to sell natural products and promote a healthier life. My main business and site is www.ClubNatu.com where I sell my products and give important information about natural supplements. I also have other natural products related domains like www.AndroForce.com, www.CardioWine.com, CardioAmigo.com, FormulaEterna.com, Killesterol.com, Cranbest.com and I want to dedicate myself to that kind of business. Portafolio.com is for finance, money, the stock exchange, wall street and all that jazz!

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About the popularity of the name:

CNN has a subdomain called https://portfolio.money.cnn.com/ to deal with financial stuff, and recently they inaugurated the Spanish version, "Portafolio Global" dedicated to the Latin/Hispanic public. As you can see, Portafolio is not a typo but a catchy word recognized throughout the world.

The domain name was registered in 1997 two years before "Portfolio.com" the English equivalent was registered and at first it was dedicated to arts. In 2008 I was sued by a big colombian editorial company concerning the domain name (They had Portafolio.com.co but wanted the .com!). I won the case (see this: http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/decisions/html/2008/d2008-0167.html). They offered me $25,000 via Network Solutions for the domain name but I declined the offer. The colombian company is Casa Editorial El Tiempo (CEET), which at that time was bought by a bigger Spanish company, Grupo Planeta, which has the biggest editorial in the hispanic world. Grupo Planeta bought 55% of the stocks for US$165 Millions. El Tiempo is a newspaper that belonged to the Santos family since 1916. The Santos is a very powerful family in Colombia and includes two presidents (including the actual one, Juan Manuel Santos) and one vice-president.

If you want to have access to my Google analytics, just send me an email to dorient@gmail.com and specify so in the subject and body of the email.

In the last 10 days there has been more than 10,000 sessions, more than 1,000 sessions per day (on average). There has been 20,000+ page views, or about 2,000 page views per day. And (Google changed the terminology) more than 5,000 users (formerly Unique Visitors)

Taking into account the figures shown, we can speculate that for the current month of March, the site will receive about 31,000 sessions with probably more than 60,000 page views from more than 16,000 Unique Visitors now called Users. I am waiting for Google to send me a verification code for Google AdSense so I will start monetizing the site. Right now I'm not receiving any kind of earnings from the site. If I put 5 ads per page I think I will serve ~300,000 ads per month or more, because the site's visitors are increasing.

The site receives visitors from around the world, the vast majority from Colombia (~88%) and the United States (~4.5%).

The site attracts visitors from Latin America, North America, Central America, The Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and, practically all around the world.

The site is running Joomla! with an elegant template called Purity III. As you can see, the site is responsive and will serve you the correct template layout depending if you have a tablet, phone or a desktop PC.

The link to the site's homepage: Portafolio.com


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